About Bridge Cities Consulting

Bridge Cities Consulting was founded in October 2001 with the goal of providing the highest quality information technology consulting services to our clients, the small to medium sized business. Bridge Cities Consulting started out small with only a handful of clients and quickly built a reputation for providing their clients quick response and excellent solutions. By word of mouth referral their client base grew quickly spanning California from Napa County to San Diego and covered many industries: recycling, manufacturing and heavy industries, law firms, staffing firms, publishers, financial services firms, laborers locals, food industries, creative designers, real estate brokerages, medical offices, and many more…

Bridge Cities Consulting services include: domain controllers, file servers, database servers, exchange servers, hosted applications, network and telecommunication infrastructure, security services including e-mail security and filtering, endpoint protection, camera security systems, data backup systems, layered firewall security, VOIP solutions, and VPN configurations. Cloud services include: infrastructure management (GoogleApps for Business and Microsoft MS365). As well as Carbonite and mozypro backup and hosted e-mail systems.

In 2004 Bridge Cities Consulting was accepted as a Dell Service Provider and has subsequently migrated to the Dell Partner Program and offer a wide variety of Dell Servers, Desktops, Laptops, workstations, accessories, and more… Bridge Cities Consulting is also a SonicWALL Partner and offers the full line of SonicWALL security products to their clients. They also install, service, and integrate the following vendors’ products: Microsoft, Netgear, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Samsung, Dedicated-Micros, Apple and more…

Today Bridge Cities Consulting still services many of these same clients and businesses with the same high quality service and response they deserve and expect.

About Chris Baumann:

Chris Baumann became interested in computers in 1978 when his dad brought home a small HP computer with a 4″ green screen. In 1982 his dad purchased and Apple IIe and the computer became an entertainment device, a learning platform, and a tool for Chris who took to Applesoft programming, cracking software protection and all forms of computing life in the day. During his school years between 1986 – 1988 in college at University of Southern California (USC) Chris started using Macintosh computers and explored what then was the most advanced and modern OS and the most powerful desktop computer available. During college, Chris learned Basic, Fortran, and eventually C++ using the latter in his first employment and graduate school to a high degree.

Post undergraduate college; Chris programmed in Fortran, SAS, and C++ with his first job working for the Untied States space program in Utah at Morton Thiokol. Chris worked in their systems engineering group on test engineering projects, test planning, test analysis, and test reporting. After a reorganization there and working on various test programs Chris left that job in 1990 and returned to college at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). Chris studied Engineering/Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 1993. Instead of continuing in engineering, Chris followed his computer interests and founded his first Company, MacResQ Industries, Inc. with a partner in 1993. MacResQ quickly grew into a national computer and parts reseller and local service provider specializing in the Macintosh platform. In 2000 MacResQ merged with another company in Kansas, MacWorks, LLC with the combined company providing the same local services in Kansas and California as well as national distribution from a central location. Finally in 2001, Chris left this company to found his own consulting services firm, Bridge Cities Consulting…

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