samples of our work

Health Care Staffing Office – set the server and networking infrastructure up in a compact foot print. Office did not have a server room or server closet.

Investment/Wealth Advisors networking infrastructure. Prior IT guy cut the wires and then had to add switches to re-connect everything. Why he cut the wires? I am not sure… that is part of the reason I believe they brought me in. I removed the switches and installed patch panels. If the power went out the entire network in this office went down. This way we only needed UPS’s in the server closet. All user devices were laptops. First three are before and last is the after. Ps. Nice touch with the switches installed but not used… and the switch hanging from the network wiring… What?

More of this client’s woes… the server closet was a disaster. Cables running all over the walls and very few of them had any slack. It did not help that when the prior IT guy upgraded infrastructure, he did not remove any of the old infrastructure. There were layers upon layers of old phone wiring, network wiring, cable wiring, etc… I did the best I could in bringing them to a workable and manageable platform. Here are the before’s:

Here are some shots while cleanup still in progress:

Autobody shop in Vacaville-CA, with new server, UPS, and cabinet installed. I forgot to take some before shots. Wires all over the floor and tangled in a mess. No track to conceal and protect wiring. Everything peer to peer and nothing worked well. Nothing had been patched in months. All kinds of extra software installed and not used. The owner was ecstatic when I was done and the employees were really happy that everything worked better and faster with the new server hosting their estimating software rather than the reception workstation.

Pictures coming soon

I recently worked on installing and cleaning up infrastructure for a restaurant in Sacrament-CA. The project was so large and extensive, we broke it up into three phases. Phase 1: Main Office-
Here is a picture of the network infrastructure wiring, all neat and pretty-

Phase 2: Main Dining Room and server stations-
Here is a picture of one of the server stations before-

Phase 3: Kitchen-
Here are some pictures of the kitchen before-

This is some under counter wiring I did for a scrap recycling company in San Leandro-CA. The wiring was strewn all over the floor in a tangled mess before I cleaned it up and installed the infrastructure. It is in much better condition for a constricted space.

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